Addiction Solitaire

Thursday, June 08, 2006

To make as high a total score as possible after going through the deck. The average score is around 85, so to win the game you must reach 121, just as in regular Cribbage.
Cribbage Solitaire depends upon Cribbage for the scoring. Shuffle a regular deck, then deal 3 cards to your hand, 2 to your crib, and 3 more to your hand. Look at your hand and discard 2 cards to the crib. Turn up the next card in the deck for the starter, and score your hand. Then turn up the crib and score it. Discard the 8 cards used, place the starter on the bottom of the deck and deal
again. Continue in the same way until you go through the cards. At the end there sould be
4 cards remaining, turn them up and score them as a hand, without a starter.Count for
'his heels' and 'his nobs' as usual, except in the last hand.


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