Addiction Solitaire

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spider is considered by many to be the best of solitaires, for it gives the greatest opportunity to overcome the luck of the deal by skillful play. Chance of winning is 1 in 3 games.
Shuffle 2 regular decks of cards together. Deal a row of 10 face down. Deal 3 more rows on the first, squared up, making a total of 40 cards in total. Then add 1 more card on each of the first 4 piles at the left. Finally, deal a row of ten cards face up on the piles. This layout is your table and foundations. The object of manipulation is to get 13 cards of a suit on top of a pile, ace at the top, and running in sequence from ace up to king as you go down the pile. Each time you have assembled a suit in this order, you may lift it right off and throw it out of the game. You win if you get all 8 suits assembled.
With the piles you may build down, rgardlessof suit or color. For example, the 4 of spades can be placed on any of the 5's. It is still best to follow suit, but it is important to get all face down cards into play as quickly as possible. Each time you clear all the face up cards off a pile, turn up the next card. If you clear away a complete pile, there is then a free place to move cards into to generate opportunity. Spaces are needed to interchange cards among the table's piles so as to get suits together.
Each time your manipulation come to a stand still, deal another row of ten cards face up on the table. Before doing so, you must fill all the open spaces. Then go to it again. After using up the entire deck, and making all the moves you can, that's the end of it you either win the game or start another.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

To make as high score as possible, counting each row and column as a Poker hand and scoring as follows:
Straight flush 30
4 of a kind 16
Staight 12
Full house 10
3 of a kind 6
Flush 5
2 pairs 3
1 pair 1
Shuffle 1 standard deck of playing cards and deal 25 cards one by one, placing them in a 5 x 5 square. The skill arises in picking the best spot for each card. The hands are not ranked as in Poker, but in accordance with their relative difficulty in the Solitaire game. A straight is hard to
make, for if you play for it, scoring 6 or 3 if you fail. Flushes are very easy to make;
in fact, the usual plan is to try for flushes in the columns and full houses or 4 of a kind on the rows. Most of the time you will make 3 or 4 flushes without giving up any higher-scoring opportunities.

To make as high a total score as possible after going through the deck. The average score is around 85, so to win the game you must reach 121, just as in regular Cribbage.
Cribbage Solitaire depends upon Cribbage for the scoring. Shuffle a regular deck, then deal 3 cards to your hand, 2 to your crib, and 3 more to your hand. Look at your hand and discard 2 cards to the crib. Turn up the next card in the deck for the starter, and score your hand. Then turn up the crib and score it. Discard the 8 cards used, place the starter on the bottom of the deck and deal
again. Continue in the same way until you go through the cards. At the end there sould be
4 cards remaining, turn them up and score them as a hand, without a starter.Count for
'his heels' and 'his nobs' as usual, except in the last hand.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Klondike Solitaire
Anyone who has owned a computer in the last 7 years knows what this style of solitaire is.
It is the solitaire game that comes with your computer under the accessories/games icon.
For those who are unaware of this, here is how to play .

Move all of the cards from the rows into the 4 open columns above the rows in sequential order, form ace up to king, in each of the four suits.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Addiction solitaire
Start a different row for each suit, where each row starts with the two on the left hand side and ends with the king on the right hand side.

How To Play:
Click the DEAL link to begin to play. The aces will be taken out to develop 4 empty slots. Drag the cards over these empty slots as instructed in the objectives.
You can only drag a card into a blank position if the card is larger than the card preceding it.
There is 5 shuffles permitted when you get stuck, it is a cheat tool.
Double click the card to move it to the empty space and so on.
Addiction solitaire