Addiction Solitaire

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spider is considered by many to be the best of solitaires, for it gives the greatest opportunity to overcome the luck of the deal by skillful play. Chance of winning is 1 in 3 games.
Shuffle 2 regular decks of cards together. Deal a row of 10 face down. Deal 3 more rows on the first, squared up, making a total of 40 cards in total. Then add 1 more card on each of the first 4 piles at the left. Finally, deal a row of ten cards face up on the piles. This layout is your table and foundations. The object of manipulation is to get 13 cards of a suit on top of a pile, ace at the top, and running in sequence from ace up to king as you go down the pile. Each time you have assembled a suit in this order, you may lift it right off and throw it out of the game. You win if you get all 8 suits assembled.
With the piles you may build down, rgardlessof suit or color. For example, the 4 of spades can be placed on any of the 5's. It is still best to follow suit, but it is important to get all face down cards into play as quickly as possible. Each time you clear all the face up cards off a pile, turn up the next card. If you clear away a complete pile, there is then a free place to move cards into to generate opportunity. Spaces are needed to interchange cards among the table's piles so as to get suits together.
Each time your manipulation come to a stand still, deal another row of ten cards face up on the table. Before doing so, you must fill all the open spaces. Then go to it again. After using up the entire deck, and making all the moves you can, that's the end of it you either win the game or start another.


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